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Realized I never did one of these.

Henlo, I am Cynthia, I am a 18yo MtF lesbian developer and tinkerer. My pronouns are she/her or any neutral pronouns (ex: they/them).

I know GLua (sadly), JavaScript, some Java (but not enough) and basic webdev stuff, like a lot of hacky CSS tricks.

uhhhhhhh I ran out of things to put, I'm also a huge shitposter.

That's all, I guess.

dont wanna wait? here you can play the levels you have already beaten to get 3 stars on them

you already 3 starred all the levels up to the point your at? guess you're waiting or paying

life system separate the casual player from the hardcore player

mobile devs: *throws that out the window* life systems mean MONEY and making people productive with life and make them wait to refill their lives
sane person: but what about people that just wanna play the game?
mobile devs: lol

hmmm today i will blog on fediverse


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the M in MC Ride stands for Matt

Matt C. Ride

ssh < `hf!exec cd ~/site/cyn && wget -O whatever.html <some mystbin raw url>`

i bet mystbin owner absolutely hates me now

the entire bee move script in an ogp description tag.

#introductions Hey, We are a team of local and internet spanning people who make weird projects that seem to not get finished,
We also have a 3D printer and a RPi3 toaster,
Everybody in the team is into demoscene and anything retro
Follow if you want to find out what we are all up to, You can also follow our personal profiles at:

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if anyone ever asks whats killing discord

just tell them one word


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Scuttlebug Space

A scuttlebug jamboreed too hard and got lost in space.