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Realized I never did one of these.

Henlo, I am Cynthia, I am a 18yo MtF lesbian developer and tinkerer. My pronouns are she/her or any neutral pronouns (ex: they/them).

I know GLua (sadly), JavaScript, some Java (but not enough) and basic webdev stuff, like a lot of hacky CSS tricks.

uhhhhhhh I ran out of things to put, I'm also a huge shitposter.

That's all, I guess.

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soundcloud client id joke Show more

Pro tip: don't make your discord bot able to send shit to social media

If your game uses Lua and has HTTP functionality, you're most likely going to have your entire game blocked by Discord.

what if

you wanted gmod rich presence

but discord said

"WebSocket connections are not currently supported for interfacing with Discord for Rich Presence functionality"

im fucking tired of this bullshit

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mac: *breaks*
genius bar: *breaks it further*

whats actually wrong with the public school system is that they dont teach you how to read the terms and conditions of things which is why everyone always skips it

whatever capitalist scum decided "yknow what could be used as ad space, fortune cookies", i have something to tell you

fuck off

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