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not a copypasta but i want it to be one Show more

general question: how do you deal with (de)motivation? (semi -/~) Show more

its kinda sad and funny to see mc mod devs become former devs, especially when they've made good mods and shit

but its not their fault the modding community is how it is so shrug

hot take

if you have a work under copyright but it's out of print, you should not be able to stop people from getting and enjoying that work.

cheat codes then: haha big head mode
cheat codes now: $20 dlc, they dont even call them cheat codes

new speedrunning idea: losing as fast as possible Show more

shaggy memes is just the 10 year challenge of chuck noris memes :dont_at_me:

unicode cool S revision 2

| | |
y ʎ
| | |

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Scuttlebug Space

A scuttlebug jamboreed too hard and got lost in space.