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Realized I never did one of these

I'm Soren, I don't like my real name
I'm :ms_pansexual_flag: :ms_demiguy_flag: (he|they)
I answer Male on forms because it's much less complicated
@gerd is my bf
I use Arch Linux
I program in Scala
I love puzzle games
I'm a huge Google fan
I like soda. A lot.
I march the flute
I use the Dvorak layout
I completed watch for rolling rocks in 0.5 A presses
I like headpats
I use Emacs for my Calculus notes

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cw meta, emojos related to common cws, long post, in relation to recent CW subtoots Show more

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BEGIN KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE. kXR7VktZdyH7rvq v5weRa0zkKBWu2f bmUwtM5mFvKiAQt FozPym4MqFi20cc OamuF1pi1pzRwOU ZJ4yj7A2Cxhx5SD ExfGWMOuV81ffIh b69JwkHtP2z4zwI stEgWdZjlRNLgfx WaYOnu4k7W7LOYU jq6WHWtDpDXpuBr VVGpwUk3ImMreFd 38dj9OLk8J9qT83 trahD6lRxEznyD4 vlzN73rVgfdDq5E m7ci4GiskQINNXi ae8ic. END KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE.

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The Code of Conduct for this instance links to Typelevel's ( Typelevel is a group of people/scala projects dedicated to making Scala a more completely functional language.

I've been working with Typelevel's libraries for a while now, and honestly they're pretty cool, so I wanted to share two (of many) of them:

:Mgreen_potion: Spire, a math library:
:Mpink_potion: Cats, a library providing reactive data types:

To transcend you have to understand that gender is not as simple as |∫₀ ᪲ tˣe⁻ᵗ dt|∀x∈ℚ

@luna like 9 people have asked me about Scala discord libraries today tho

the fediverse but every instance is a location on the fortnite map

if anyone ever asks whats killing discord

just tell them one word


Dear people of Mastodon who do commission things: Show more

*notices your packet loss* ow wh t's t i ?

*notices your race condition* w hatowo ths?is

pets, medical emergency, asking for $ help Show more

more like shitscord. more like pisscord. more like disbored. more li

sad that I can't connect my ProCube to my computer. The way it does bluetooth sucks

I wanna open that can of energy drink but it's past midnight

fan emoji of the recent Hbomberguy stream >w<, IDK if I can or how i would distribute them, but I wanted to make something, and I make emoji sooo

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