this face is just the straights version of finger guns

I have these buttons on my headset that modify the volume of them properly in plasma, how do i get them working in BSPWM?

If I want to contact my school to have connection to my district files (i.e. the ones shared between school computers) who do I contact, Student Info System Tech or Systems Support Tech?

Is there anyone I can commission to make a techy-looking wallpaper out of this character

dear everyone without a Nintendo Switch:

i was today years old when I found out Katamari Damacy REROLL also released for PC

striking my antique gong in the middle of the dairy aisle to let all the Walmart shoppers know about our 2 for 1 deal on cheddar-cheese. an elderly woman tries to get me fired but the joke's on her: i don;t work here

I've answered some tough questions in my life but how the hell do I answer this one (without letting everyone know I have no idea how to answer this question)

Back to prison:

Straight ahead
from this sign

@dr1ft but then it wouldn't be, it would be

girls that beep and boop send post
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Scuttlebug Space

A scuttlebug jamboreed too hard and got lost in space.