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this fabric softener is giving me a rash what the hell

Having trouble remembering the colors of the NB flag? :ms_nonbinary_flag:

I just remember "Wario Oreo"

look I'm not saying I'm a narcissist all I'm saying is that I rewatched my entire Pikmin 2 stream because I'm both hilarious and entertaining

I'm absolutely garbage at shell scripting so that's why I'm asking

Is there any sort of tool that i can use that given a file like will ask me which file to keep on every line?

So for example a line of `a b c` would let me make a choice of a vs b vs c and would move the ones I didn't pick to some different directory (or delete them)

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HEY! Guess what day is today? It’s our birthday day! Exactly two years ago, the #Nonbinary Wiki (or its current version, anyway) was born. And we are so proud of what the project has achieved!

Two years ago, in 2017, someone asked on Reddit if somebody knew what had happened to the old Wiki. Apparently, it had been down for some days, but, fortunately, the Wayback Machine had a partial copy of its pages. And so, the new wiki was born, hosted on Miraheze.


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forges and lack thereof Show more position for Ami to change her last name to Mario so when I see her I can say to my friends "it's Ami Mario"
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Scuttlebug Space

A scuttlebug jamboreed too hard and got lost in space.